June 25, 2017

Men’s Basketball

Sports | Oct.28, 2011

Men’s Basketball

This season marks the beginning of a new era in Providence College Basketball, and despite the uncertainties surrounding the Big East Conference, one thing that remains clear is that first-year Head Coach Ed Cooley is ready to put Friars basketball back on the map.From the first day he stepped on campus, Cooley has been preaching the importance of dedication, discipline, and defense, and he has both players and fans buying into his system. Last year, the Friars were first in the Big East scoring offense (75.8

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Opinion | Oct.27, 2011

Tiffany & Earl

Big Mistake! I have been hooking up with this chick and I took her to a Halloween party the other night at my friend’s house. We were having a great time. She looked super cute dressed up as Cat Woman. Her and her friend went to the bathroom at one point while I stayed downstairs. I looked up from my iPhone about ten minutes later and saw her cat ears standing a few feet away from me in the distance. I decided to turn up the heat, grabbed her, and started passionately making out wit her. All of a sudden my kitty cat came bounding down the stairs! I was kissing the wrong Cat Woman! This girl is never going to talk to me again. What do I do?

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Portfolio | Oct.27, 2011


Cataclysmic centerhold

Keeping all horrors from Bethlehem

How long, how long

We stared at the sun

Tossed and spun

In our little steel snuffbox

Twisting gently in the radiant heat

Posing for the sculptor time

Flaking, peeling

Wilting like petals in late spring

We stared at the sun

Great fusion rampant

Ember lambent

Glare of glares

We stared

Choking on keratin

We were mostly silhouettes

Staring at the sun

Till we burned to ash.

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Uncategorized | Oct.27, 2011

Let’s Rave

This is a passion piece. First and foremost, all far and wide should know that I consider myself well-versed in all aspects of arts and entertainment. Subsequently, it is fair to say that my cult following (a.k.a. my roommates) look to me as their pop culture guru. As Rolling Stone is the reigning authority on all things POP, I defer to Rolling Stone. Therefore, by the transitive property, all should build their temple of cultural awareness on the rock that is Rolling Stone.

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Uncategorized | Oct.27, 2011

Picks of the Week



directed by Steven Brill

If you grew up in the ‘90s, you have to love Heavyweights. If you don’t like this movie, you either have not really seen it, or have had a lobotomy. It’s the story of a fat camp for kids while it’s being taken over by a crazy fitness guru, played by Ben Stiller. The movie is hilarious and features a young Kenan Thompson, who contributes heavily to the comedy of the film. The main character Gerry is a sweet kid with an aspiration not just to lose weight, but to make real friends. He brings a sense of classic Disney sentimentality to the movie. Ben Stiller is the best part of the movie, in my opinion. The way he conducts the camp with his insane fitness plots features a plethora of memorable quotes. My personal favorite is “

Did you ever hear the story of Icarus, who continually rolled the ball up the hill? But when he got too close, the ball melted in the heat of the sun. You’re all like Icarus“. If you’ve never seen this movie, you’re missing out on a huge portion of classic ‘90s childhood.

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Arts & Entertainment | Oct.27, 2011

Neon Indian & Kreayshawn

Artists like Neon Indian and Kreayshawn don’t stop by Providence College that often. Looking back on last year’s Spring Concert, it’s pretty easy to mark the differences between that event’s performers—Jack’s Mannequin and Jason Der

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Uncategorized | Oct.27, 2011

Spirited Away

I celebrate Halloween with a vengeance. Costumes, orchards, candy, Scooby Doo and the Boo Brothers—you name it.

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Arts & Entertainment | Oct.27, 2011

London Calling: Britain offers the Best (and Worst) in TV

For many college students, watching television has become an escape from the stresses of schoolwork and job searching, an opportunity to tune in and drop out for a couple of hours. Maybe you have a show you follow devoutly, like The Walking Dead or Community, but we can all admit that at the end of the day most television is garbage. In the case of Britain, it seems that one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.

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Uncategorized | Oct.27, 2011

Editor Vs. Editor

Sarah Dombroski

Favorite Halloween Candy:

Kit Kat

Her Views:

Kit Kat’s are the perfect mix: chocolate and wafer—none of that other business that makes a well-balanced treat far too much. That’s just cocky, if you ask me. Since the dawn of time, chocolate has been chocolate. And it has been good. Now it seems that a candy bar can achieve a level of acclaim if it boasts about a thousand different weird things that shouldn’t go together and will probably induce all kinds of nausea. I’m sure “Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar,” generated because someone had a Kit Kat, and an onlooker was so envious they insisted with this overly aggressive request. Inducing jealously in a stranger warrants kudos if you ask me (… another sweet treat far inferior to Kit Kats). Her Views on Tim: Okay, Pop Rocks are really freaking good. They are also fun and funky, so my only quam against them would be: who has actually gotten Pop Rocks for Halloween? First and foremost, as far as I know, you can’t buy Pop Rocks in bulk, and they don’t come in Fun Size…mainly because they’re already Fun Sized. I feel like that would be kind of a weird thing for someone to give a child, like “Hello, here are some fizzy pieces of rock candy that will pop in your mouth and it will be weird but you will like it.” I don’t like that. So, Tim, I don’t know where you’ve been trick-or-treating, but you might want to re-evaluate your neighborhood (but Pop Rocks really are good).

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News | Oct.27, 2011

Herman Cain’s 9-9-9

Herman Cain, a former executive in the fast-food industry and self-made millionaire, has been rising in the fight for the Republican presidential nomination in recent weeks. His strong performance in televised debates, in addition to the appealing simplicity of his 9-9-9 tax plan, put Cain at the top of the primary ranks.

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