May 30, 2017

Reeling Back

Uncategorized | Apr.28, 2011

Reeling Back

Ask me to remember what move-in day at Providence College was like and I can describe it in vivid detail. But remind me that the summer before college was when Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix came out, and I’ll get nostalgic and weep for a time that feels like forever ago. It’s easy to refer to our Facebook list of favorites when we want to be reminded of what movies we “Like,” but it’s so much more difficult to trace even just a few years of our lives by the movies we saw along the way.

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Sports | Apr.28, 2011

Friar Senior Athletes Bid Farewell to Providence

Four years of practice. Four years of games. Four years of memories. Four years at Providence College. As the final chapter in the story of the Class of 2011 draws to a close, 20 senior athletes reflect on their time on Smith Hill, their greatest moments, and what they will take away from Providence.

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Sports | Apr.28, 2011

Every Good Sportswriter is a Loyal Fan at Heart

The ancient Greeks, despite all of their moral depravity, had a startlingly accurate understanding of the human person, and a truly praiseworthy ideal for human flourishing. This ideal is perhaps best expressed, ironically enough, in the Latin dictum, mens sana in corpore sano, a sound mind in a sound body. And it is this dictum which now merits our consideration.

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News | Apr.28, 2011

A Skater’s Secret to Success

As I skate backwards, preparing to set up the jump, I pray to God I don’t fall for the six hundredth time today. I turn forward, bend my knees, and hope for a solid landing.

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News | Apr.28, 2011

The End Has Come…

Rose opened her eyes even though her forehead was still pressed to the ground. She couldn’t see anything but searing white, yet somehow she could sense her body’s position in space and slowly lifted her head. She felt her hair glide forwards over her shoulders, and could feel the dull sensation in the ends as they kissed the ground. Her body was on fire, as though intricate droplets of flames had rearranged themselves into her exact form. She was overwhelmed by the individual feeling of each drop, giving her the power to sense every part of herself separately. She didn’t like this sensation, that she was being held together by chance, and that any moment the drops could fall apart, breaking her down into nothing. She knew Cronus was the reason her essence was divided; he had done something to her body.

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News | Apr.28, 2011

Old Dark Night: Part 4

“Get in,” he shouted, but she was so confused that she had forgotten how to move. Why was he here and why did he want her to get in the car?

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Sports | Apr.28, 2011

Busy Week for Softball Results in Three Wins

The Providence College Women’s Softball Team posted a 3-5 record this past week and a half against opponents such as Syracuse, Louisville, Rutgers, and the University of Rhode Island.

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Sports | Apr.28, 2011

Friars Stuggle Against Top Tier Competition

The Men’s Lacrosse Team faced the toughest stretch of its season last week, as it took on two teams that had a national number one ranking at the time of their game with the Friars. The first team they challenged was then number one ranked Syracuse Orange at the New England Lacrosse Classic. The Friars then faced cross-town rival Brown before finally returning home to square off against newly annointed number one Notre Dame. This stretch of games proved too demanding for the extremely young Friar squad, as they were swept with scores of 13-3, 6-4, and 14-3, respectively. After these setbacks, the Friars are now 3-10 overall and 0-4 in Big East play.

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News | Apr.28, 2011

A Particularly Trying Time In My Life

I became inevitable

like the crunch of a dry sponge

perched above the kitchen sink

in the abandoned farm house

six miles from the broken

roadway, just before

the periwinkle cabin advertised

as a getaway for the uninventive

lovers of Connecticut & Maine.

The infinity of striped suits

fascinated me as did

the dry honesty of wool.

I couldn’t sleep without first

photographing my frayed

Persian rug & emailing

the image to everyone

who had ever wronged me.

Though no one ever wronged me,

except possibly the teenage grocer

who said nothing as she scanned

my debit card –just blinked

& clicked her gum. It seemed

she meant less than she said.

But I don’t blame her. We all

have days when to talk

is to betray the small silent child

in our brain we call the self;

that little boy or girl

forever chasing a small red

ball into a busy street.

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Sports | Apr.28, 2011

Distance Shines for Friars at Mt. Sac Relays

The Friars had an up and down year, and were hoping to finish their season strong over two Big East foes. On Sunday, April 17, the team earned its first Big East victory of the year by defeating Villanova, 4-2, at the Centre Court Tennis Club in East Providence, R.I. The Friars got singles wins from Marisela Aviles-Duron ’13, Maria Clara Bernardez ’14, Ayushi Sinha ’11, and Melissa Ferry ’12. Bernardez put her opponent away early and often en route to a 6-3, 6-1 victory. After dropping the No. 4 and No. 6 singles matches, Aviles-Duron found herself down a set and 3-1 before a comeback 4-6, 6-3, 7-5 victory. She ran off five games in the third set to take the crucial point for the Friars.

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