March 29, 2017

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  • Editor's Column | Mar.23, 2017

    PC: Let’s Clean Up Our Act

      by Jacquelyn Kelley ’17 Associate Editor-in-Chief When will we learn? It was only two years ago that a former Editor-in-Chief of The Cowl, Mason Sciotti ’15, wrote a column condemning aggressive and destructive behavior at off-campus parties. At the…

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  • Editor's Column | Mar.02, 2017

    An Apology to the Providence College Community

    by The Cowl‘s Editorial Board Editor’s Column On behalf of The Cowl’s entire staff, we extend our deepest apologies to the Providence College community for a misprint in our Feb. 16 issue. The article, “Panel Discusses Diversity and the Catholic Identity,”…

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  • Editor's Column | Feb.09, 2017

    Every Voice Deserves To Be Heard

    by Jacquelyn Kelley ’17 “She persisted,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)—and she had every right to persist. On Feb. 7, Warren took the Senate floor to contest Senator Jeff Sessions’ nomination for Attorney…

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  • Editor's Column | Feb.02, 2017

    Remember the Holocaust

    by Katherine Puzycki ’17 Editor-In-Chief It seems as if centuries have passed since the release of prisoners from the concentration camp at Auschwitz in 1945. There lies a span of events that makes this seem so: the Cold War, the…

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  • Editor's Column | Jan.26, 2017

    Standing Up: A Lesson From History

    by Jacquelyn Kelley ’17 Associate Editor-in-Chief My public and community service course, “The City & Its Cultures,” recently hosted Nancy Hood and Barry Brown, two Rhode Island activists who use their storytelling skills and musical talents to convey America’s history…

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  • Editor's Column | Dec.08, 2016

    You’re Never Too Old To Believe

    by Katherine Puzycki ’17 Editor-in-Chief The Christmas season has always been my favorite time of year. Because of this I always make sure that I get the most out of the short and quickly passing weeks by starting my celebrations…

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  • Editor's Column | Dec.01, 2016

    Defending Truth in a Post-Truth World

    by Jacquelyn Kelley ’17 Associate Editor-in-Chief The Oxford English Dictionary recently declared “post-truth” to be the international word of the year due to its frequent utterance during both the Brexit vote and U.S. election. The OED defines the word as…

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  • Editor's Column | Nov.17, 2016

    An Interview With Dr. Esolen

    by Katherine Puzycki ’17 Editor-in-Chief On Thursday, November 10, Dr. Anthony Esolen of the English department graciously accepted an interview with The Cowl in response to two of his articles, which appeared in Crisis Magazine. “The Narcissism of Campus Diversity…

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  • Editor's Column | Nov.10, 2016

    Let Us Not Lose Faith

    by Jacquelyn Kelley ’17 Associate Editor-in-Chief As America faces what was once an unimaginable outcome, anxiety overcomes me. This presidential election, the first one I had the privilege of partaking in, has been nothing short of disorienting. Here I am…

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  • Editor's Column | Nov.03, 2016

    Get Informed And Get To The Polls

    by Katherine Puzycki ’17 Editor-in-Chief This year’s election should come with a special privilege for us here at Providence College, namely because it is the first presidential election a majority of students will be able to vote in. This week’s…

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