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Letters to the Editor


by Dr. Jennifer Illuzzi I very much appreciate that you took the time to interview Dr. Esolen about the controversy concerning the articles published in Crisis Magazine.  I feel quite moved to respond to the articles.  As someone who is a Catholic who tries, and often struggles, each day to practice her faith, and simultaneously falls on the left of ... Read More »

Academic Freedom

By Brian Barbour (Emeritus), Robert Barry, Giuseppe Butera, Joseph Cosgrove, Matthew Cuddeback, Gary Culpepper, Paul Gondreau, Sandra Keating, James Keating, Robert LaMontagne (retired), Patrick Macfarlane, Paul Maloney, Theresa Moreau, and Jay Pike At Providence College a group of students took exception to the published writings of a PC professor, and on Oct. 20 staged protests in Slavin Center, the Ruane ... Read More »

Room for Critique

by Dr. Christopher Arroyo To the editors: Over the past few weeks, some members of the Providence College community (alumni, faculty, staff, and student alike) have sought ways to respond to Prof. Anthony Esolen’s essay in the Sept. 26 issue of Crisis Magazine.  Many of these people took offense to what Prof. Esolen wrote, and understandably so.  Without rehearsing criticisms others have ... Read More »

Campus Solidarity

by Dr. Anthony Esolen Dear Students: Unlike many professors here and elsewhere, I am not interested in your political action one way or another, but I am deeply interested in you as human beings. I have expressly written that every single human being is of inestimable value, a unique and unrepeatable image of the almighty and eternal God. Here are ... Read More »

Chris Slavin ’12

Editor-in-Chief 2011-2012 Part of what I loved about being on The Cowl was knowing I was part of a long-standing pillar of Friartown. Never did I feel more part of The Cowl‘s tradition than during our 75th year celebration in 2010. Meeting past editors and hearing their stories made me realize I was a member of the larger Cowl family, ... Read More »

Carrie Spiros ’00

Editor-in-Chief 1999-2000 Being part of putting out the newspaper each week defined my time at Providence College. I am still proud of the work we did which included quality writing and “real” reporting on stories that were important to students. Also, the skills I developed led me to a five year career in television news before making the switch to ... Read More »

Dave Holman ’03

Editor-in-Chief 2002-2003 My experience on The Cowl taught me many lessons that are still valuable to this day, such as how to gather facts into a story, attention to detail, and the quiet reward of an all-nighter. But the most important lesson is the thrill of being part of a group of talented, driven individuals who have gelled into a ... Read More »

Theresa Edo Freeman ’96

Editor-in-Chief 1995-1996 Blind Melon’s iconic ‘90s video, “No Rain,” featured this girl in a bumblebee costume tap-dancing her way through a bland little town, never happy until she finds a field of other bees joyously dancing. The Cowl was my own bumblebee dance party. A Rhode Island of Misfit Toys, wedged in the basement corner of Slavin Hall, The Cowl ... Read More »