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Trump Looks To Trim FDA

By Kelsey Dass ’18 Opinion Staff Where should we start? With the hustle and bustle under President Trump, there are a lot of administrative changes being made. As Americans watch the evening news during dinnertime, they may be paying more attention to the headlines than what is on their own plates. However, the Trump administration has as much of an ... Read More »

No Check, No Balance

by Taylor Godfrey ’19 Asst. Opinion Editor Isn’t it the worst feeling to get the mail from your mailbox at home and see that envelope with those three words that can ruin your entire day: “official juror summons?” No one likes to go to jury duty, but the courts are a necessary part of life in a democracy and most ... Read More »

Racism Is Now In Session(s)

by Kevin Copp ’18 Opinion Staff For all of the unqualified and unprepared members of President Donald Trump’s new cabinet, the appointment of Jeff Sessions as the new attorney general represents the greatest threat to the democracy that so many people have fought to uphold. As the head of the Department of Justice, Sessions will be in charge of preventing ... Read More »

Gaga over Gaga— ‘Fat’ And All

by Allison LaBelle ’20 Opinion Staff If you saw Lady Gaga’s halftime performance during the Super Bowl last week, then chances are her talent and vocals blew you away. Lady Gaga’s individuality is admirable. Her confidence shines on the stage, and she serves as a positive role model for all of her fans. Unfortunately, the responses to Gaga’s performance were ... Read More »

A March In The Wrong Direction?

by Brianna Abbott ’17 Opinion Co-Editor Feet are growing weary and arms are growing tired. People are running out of clever ideas for signs; but the wave of marchers protesting different aspects of the new Trump administration refuses to ebb. The newest group to join the protests: scientists. On Earth Day, April 22, there will be a March for Science ... Read More »

A Country of Care

by Hannah Paxton ’19 In a time of so much political controversy and antagonism, it is no surprise that a vast amount of protests are taking place all across the country for a variety of causes. Whether it be for women, immigrants, or refugees, people nationwide find reason for disappointment, and put that adversity into action. However, even with a ... Read More »

Every Voice Deserves To Be Heard

by Jacquelyn Kelley ’17 “She persisted,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)—and she had every right to persist. On Feb. 7, Warren took the Senate floor to contest Senator Jeff Sessions’ nomination for Attorney General, citing a letter written by Coretta Scott King in 1986. King’s letter was critical of Sessions, ultimately deeming him ... Read More »

It’s Time For the Media to Take On Trump

by Carolyn Walsh ’17 Opinion Co-Editor The Trump administration is waging war against the media. Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, and Trump himself have lambasted negative coverage, have threatened to bar “unfriendly” outlets from having access to the White House, and have talked down journalists attempting to correct misinformation the administration has put forth. Trump’s ... Read More »

Free Speech Is Not A Free Platform

by Taylor Godfrey ’19 Asst. Opinion Editor In a world of fake news and “alternative facts,” it can sometimes be difficult to decide where to draw the line between free speech and hate speech. But under a president who has no problem ignoring his people’s calls for change and tweeting that “any negative polls are fake news,” it is a ... Read More »

Bookstore Blues

Photo courtesy of the odysseyonline.comby Sarah Kelley ’18 Opinion Staff As the Friars enter their third week of classes, syllabus week seems like a distant memory. The workload is starting to build up and many students find themselves tackling the semester’s assignments, from long readings to problem sets and everything in between. Yet the most obvious necessity for any student ... Read More »