June 25, 2017

Student Project Raises Eyebrows and Questions

Arts & Entertainment | May.04, 2017

Student Project Raises Eyebrows and Questions

  By Blaine Payer `18 A&E Staff   “Everything we are intersects with this landscape.” This statement, delivered by Loren Spears, the executive director of the Tomaquag museum, perfectly encapsulates the sentiment of the documentary Our Sinking Bay, a global…

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Arts & Entertainment | Apr.27, 2017

Lana is New, Not Necessarily Improved

  By Blaine Payer `18 A&E Staff   Lana Del Rey used to be queen of somber, melodic music, but the 31 year-old pop-rock star seems to have turned a page in her career. On April 11, the singer-songwriter released…

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Arts & Entertainment | Apr.06, 2017

Fleet Foxes Back After Six-Year Hiatus

by Blaine Payer ’18 A&E Staff After six years of silence following their 2011 Grammy-nominated album, Helplessness Blues, the indie-folk band Fleet Foxes has ended their hiatus. The group is expected to begin touring in May, coinciding with the release…

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Arts & Entertainment | Mar.23, 2017

Kong is Still the King

by Blaine Payer ’17 A&E Staff I went to the movie theater this weekend intending to see Beauty and the Beast, but in a surprising twist I only saw the beast. Disney’s latest smash hit was sold out three days…

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Arts & Entertainment | Feb.16, 2017

Chili Peppers Still Hot at TD Garden

  By Blaine Payer `18 A&E Staff   It seems like everyone knows at least one song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their unique-brand of funk-rock has been captivating audiences for years, and after their sold-out show at TD…

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Arts & Entertainment | Feb.09, 2017

Netflix and the Perils of Mass Production

  By Blaine Payer `18 A&E Staff   Netflix is the current titan of the online streaming industry, and for good reason, boasting a docket of original material such as Stranger Things, House of Cards, The Crown, Orange is the…

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Arts & Entertainment | Feb.02, 2017

Emma Watson Gives Belle a Makeover

  by Blaine Payer `18 A&E Staff   Emma Watson is one of the most well-recognized champions of feminism and gender equality in the world. Since it was announced early last year that she would be playing Belle in the…

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Arts & Entertainment | Jan.26, 2017

2017 Oscars Show Promise, Raise Questions

  by Blaine Payer `18 A&E Staff   This past year was many things, not all of them particularly positive. We lost a number of Hollywood’s most beloved names—Alan Rickman, Gene Wilder, Carrie Fisher, and Debbie Reynolds, just to name…

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Arts & Entertainment | Jan.19, 2017

Dancing on Eggshells: La La Land Suffers Online Scorn Despite Success

  by Blaine Payer `18 A&E Staff La La Land, which began 2016 as the most highly anticipated film of the year, quickly became the forerunner in the Oscar race for Best Picture after its early December premiere. The sophomore…

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Arts & Entertainment | Dec.08, 2016

Instruments are Overrated: A Cappella

by Blaine Payer ’18 A&E Staff This past weekend held the biggest A cappella event of the semester—the Fall Concert. Housed in Ryan Concert Hall, the two-night event saw full houses each night, with Saturday’s show being forced to overcrowd…

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