June 25, 2017

Death of the Darty

Editorials | May.04, 2017

Death of the Darty

by Brianna Abbott ’17 Opinion Co-Editor Emerita Twice a year since the 1990s, a sea of pastel golfers has pulsed through Eaton Street, devouring nine kegs at nine different houses in the name of Golf Party and Lilly Pulitzer. This year,…

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Opinion | Apr.27, 2017

Tangents and Tirades

Marching For Facts $2.6 billion. That’s $2.6 billion less dedicated to clean air, water quality, reducing emissions, and climate studies after President Trump cuts the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Billions of dollars taken away from the commitment…

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Opinion | Mar.02, 2017

We Come in Peace

by Brianna Abbott ’17 Opinion Co-Editor The discovery of alien persons is more theologically complex; however, there is still room for alien persons in the Catholic faith. There is no definite theological basis for human beings as the only persons…

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Opinion | Feb.09, 2017

A March In The Wrong Direction?

by Brianna Abbott ’17 Opinion Co-Editor Feet are growing weary and arms are growing tired. People are running out of clever ideas for signs; but the wave of marchers protesting different aspects of the new Trump administration refuses to ebb.…

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Opinion | Jan.26, 2017

Universal or University?

by Brianna Abbott ’17 Opinion Co-Editor Between packed study spaces splashed with green, computer labs that glimpse into the future, and a late-night food window that brings hoards of hungry students, the new Arthur F. and Patricia Ryan Center for…

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Opinion | Jan.19, 2017

Our Last Semester

by Brianna Abbott ’17 Opinion Co-Editor Earlier this week, roommates were happily unpacking their clothes, students were bracing themselves for another semester of learning, and friends were dashing through Ray to tackle each other and say “welcome back.” It was…

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Opinion | Dec.07, 2016

Treat Yo’ Self

by Brianna Abbott ’17 Opinion Co-Editor We need Christmas. College students need Christmas. The United States of America needs Christmas. Hillary Rodham Clinton needs Christmas. The entire world needs Christmas. We need a time to heal, time to come together…

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Opinion | Nov.17, 2016

UVA: History Is Not Erasable

by Brianna Abbott ’17 Opinion Co-Editor As colleges are reeling in the post-election haze, University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan attempted to console her campus with an email, quoting college founder Thomas Jefferson in the process. Instead of comforting the…

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Opinion | Nov.03, 2016

‘Ken’ We Please Discuss This?

by Brianna Abbott ’17 Opinion Co-Editor Although the country can’t agree on much anymore, most people can agree that the series of presidential debates for the 2016 Presidential Election was more like reality TV than policy review. Name calling and…

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Opinion | Sep.29, 2016

The Unsung Heroes of SRW

by Brianna Abbott ’17 Opinion Co-Editor Another senior class has donned their rings and taken pictures in front of St. Dominic Chapel. We had a little too much fun during Special Events Night, pretended that we were adults during formal…

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