June 25, 2017

Bob Dylan: A Living Legend Now Enshrined

Featured Slider | Apr.06, 2017

Bob Dylan: A Living Legend Now Enshrined

by Joe Clancy ’18 A&E Staff Bob Dylan, the backwoods-born, folk-singing, outspoken, and recently awarded Nobel Laureate, continues to build upon his quirks. The latest addition to Dylan’s eccentric story is the creation and opening of an archive dedicated solely…

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Arts & Entertainment | Mar.23, 2017

The Legacy of Chuck Berry, Rock Pioneer

This Saturday, Chuck Berry, one of the biggest stars in rock and roll history, left the world silent in honor of all he had accomplished and given to the music industry.

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Arts & Entertainment | Mar.16, 2017

New Jokes and New Fans, 600 Episodes Later

  By Joe Clancy `18 A&E Staff   For nearly 30 years, The Simpsons have been the satirical face of the average working class American family. The show first aired in 1989, and just recently celebrated releasing its 600th episode,…

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Arts & Entertainment | Mar.02, 2017

Celebrating Film in Dramatic Fashion

  By Joe Clancy `18 A&E Staff   “And the winner is…,” well, that is a good question. This Sunday, February 26, the audience of the 89th Academy Awards heard that phrase a lot, in fact, one too many times.…

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Arts & Entertainment | Feb.16, 2017

Making SNL Relevant Again

  By Joe Clancy `18   A lot has happened in President Trump’s first 100 days; executive orders and protests seem to dominate the news reel every day. One unprecedented change, however, is the surging popularity of Saturday Night Live…

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Arts & Entertainment | Feb.09, 2017

‘Apple Stream’: Better Late than Never?

  By Joe Clancy `18 A&E Staff   When you think of having a night in and streaming a movie, you probably think of Netflix or  Hulu. What about Apple? It seems strange that one of the country’s largest electronics…

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Arts & Entertainment | Jan.25, 2017

Always the Activist: Al Gore Fights Climate Change in An Inconvenient Sequel

  by Joe Clancy `18 A&E Staff   Al Gore has one of the most decorated and extensive resumes not only in the American political scene, but in the environmental and artistic fields as well. The former vice president narrowly…

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Arts & Entertainment | Dec.08, 2016

2016’s Breakout Artist: Chainsmokers

by Joe Clancy ’18 A&E Staff Chances are that if you have heard of the Chainsmokers, by the end of 2016  you can already hum their tunes. The Chainsmokers have been one of the biggest groups of the year with…

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Arts & Entertainment | Dec.01, 2016

Remembering a Rock Legend

  By Joe Clancy `18 A&E Staff If you have ever been to a sporting game, political rally, or even an elementary school pep rally, you have most likely heard the massively successful Queen song, “We Will Rock You.” The…

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Arts & Entertainment | Nov.17, 2016

Spotlight on Hacksaw Ridge

by Joe Clancy ’18 A&E Staff This past Friday was Veterans Day and the country celebrated our nation’s heroes in a number of ways, including going to see the World War II true story movie Hacksaw Ridge. The movie was…

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