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PC Celebrates 100th Charter Anniversary

by Meaghan Dodson ’17 News Co-Editor “Forever” is a powerful word. It is a word that connotes commitment, perseverance, and continuity; in other words, it demands nothing short of everything. To say that something is “forever” is to make a bold and confident assertion about its future. And yet, a century ago the founders of Providence College did make this ... Read More »

Flu 101: How to Stay Protected This Winter

by Meaghan Dodson ’17 News Co-Editor For Providence College students, the month of February signals that the semester is well underway. Students have memorized their class schedules, figured out homework and gym routines, and—more often than not—kept an eager eye on the weekly snow forecasts. All too frequently, however, February also announces the arrival of something a little less welcome: ... Read More »

A Culture of Consent on College Campuses?

by Meaghan Dodson ’17 News Co-Editor Dr. Donna Freitas has spent the past 11 years researching campus hookup culture. She conducted a national study of Catholic, private secular, public, and evangelical colleges, and gathered data via online surveys, one-on-one interviews, and online student journals.  In all her research, she found that across three types of colleges—Catholic, private-secular, and public—“hooking up” ... Read More »

World News Briefs: Division in D.C.

  by Meaghan Dodson ’17 and Tait Becker ’19 News Staff   Presidential Inauguration Donald Trump was officially sworn in as the 45th President of the United States on Friday, January 20. The Obamas were there to greet the Trumps at the White House,  with President Barack Obama stating, “Mr. President-elect, how are you? Good to see you. Congratulations.” Hillary ... Read More »

Remembering Rev. John S. Peterson, O.P. ’57

by Meaghan Dodson ’17 News Editor Fr. John S. Peterson, O.P. ’57, a beloved member of the Providence College community, passed away on January 11, 2017, at the age of 81. He is remembered for his dedication to the College, his thoughtful and kind manners, and his generous heart. Fr. Peterson grew up in Newark, New Jersey, and he attended ... Read More »

Friar Flashback: A Century of Friar Fashion

by Meaghan Dodson ’17 News Editor  Over the past 100 years, Providence College has undergone major academic, architectural, political, and social changes. Among the most radical of these transformations, however, has been the evolution of PC fashion.  Friars have paved the way in everything from mascot outfits to religious garb, and as the College enters into its centennial year, it ... Read More »

Friar Flashback: Remembering the Aquinas Fire

by Meaghan Dodson ’17 News Co-Editor Next Tuesday, December 13, will be the 39th anniversary of one of the most tragic events in Providence College history. The Aquinas Hall fire of 1977 devastated the College as it took the lives of 10 of its female students, and members of the PC community still hold the memories of these women in ... Read More »

2016 St. Nicholas of Myra Conference

What role should the Catholic Church take in solving the socioeconomic problems of the modern age? That is the question that Providence College asked as it hosted its third “St. Nicholas of Myra Conference on Catholic Social Thought” from Friday, December 2 to Saturday, December 3 in the Ruane Center for the Humanities.Catholic social thought is a 125-year-old Church tradition ... Read More »

Friar Flashback: Winters of PC’s Past

by Meaghan Dodson ’17 & Marla Gagne ’18 News Co-Editors Photos courtesy of providence.edu Who said snow days are for sleeping in? In the winter of 1982, a few ambitious students made the most of their snow day by constructing a giant, eight-layered snowman on the lawn outside St. Joseph Hall. Just look at that teamwork! Photo courtesy of providence.edu ... Read More »