April 25, 2017

Samurai Jack Only Gets Better With Age

Arts & Entertainment | Apr.06, 2017

Samurai Jack Only Gets Better With Age

by Michael Welch ’17 A&E Staff “Fifty years have passed…but I do not age.” Samurai Jack is back and he’s aged like a fine wine. After 13-year hiatus, Jack has returned to screens, this time on the Adult Swim Channel.…

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Arts & Entertainment | Mar.16, 2017

Always an X-Man: Hugh Jackman Stars in Last Film as Wolverine

  By Michael Welch `17 A&E Staff   For millenials, Hugh Jackman is Wolverine. The actor has cemented himself as the face of the X-Men hero by starring in a number of films as the character. However, Jackman’s run as…

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Arts & Entertainment | Mar.02, 2017

Jordan Peele: So Versatile It’s Scary

  By Michael Welch `17 A&E Staff   Get Out has eclipsed Lego Batman as the top movie at the box office in its opening weekend. The film takes cues from the horror, thriller, and comedy genres to address themes…

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Arts & Entertainment | Feb.16, 2017

Unlikely Heroes: Lego Batman and John Wick

  By Michael Welch `17 A&E Staff   A plastic toy and former hitman are not exactly how you imagine heroes—well, unless you are in Hollywood. Lego Batman and John Wick: Chapter 2 have essentially rescued the legacy of sequels…

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Arts & Entertainment | Feb.09, 2017

Affleck Out as The Batman Director

  By Michael Welch `17 A&E Staff   Ben Affleck is no longer directing the Batman solo film that fans hope will save DC Comics from itself. This leaves Affleck with credits as the lead actor, producer, and co-writer of…

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Arts & Entertainment | Feb.02, 2017

Shia LaBeouf the Artist, Enigma

  by Michael Welch `17 A&E Staff     From Disney Channel star, to movie actor, to his current vocation as a controversial artist, Shia LaBeouf’s journey in the entertainment industry has been all but conventional. Recently, LaBeouf has taken…

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Arts & Entertainment | Jan.26, 2017

Split and the Shyamalan Redemption

  by Michael Welch `17 A&E Staff   In perhaps the greatest M. Night Shyamalan twist yet, the director has turned his career around. Shyamalan burst onto the movie scene with thriller hits, The Sixth Sense, where he trademarked the…

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Arts & Entertainment | Dec.08, 2016

A Special Gift: Pokémon Gives Us New Series

Photo courtesy of otakukart.com by Michael Welch ’17 A&E Staff Another Pokémon game, another Pokémon television series. That is how the cycle goes, and now Pokémon Sun & Moon has become the fastest-selling Nintendo game of the last 10 years.…

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Arts & Entertainment | Nov.17, 2016

Young Justice Makes a Comeback

  by Michael Welch ’17 A&E Staff After all these years, Young Justice is finally back! When? The third season could be available sometime in late 2017. Where? We still do not know what network, but let’s all pray its…

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Arts & Entertainment | Nov.10, 2016

Can Wonder Woman Save DC?

  By Michael Welch `17 A&E Staff   I was once excited to see movies by DC Comics, but when you get closer you start to notice the darkness. The trailer for Wonder Woman dropped on Nov. 3, and it…

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