June 25, 2017

Insomnia Cookies: Worth Losing Sleep Over

Arts & Entertainment | May.04, 2017

Insomnia Cookies: Worth Losing Sleep Over

  By Ryan Cox ’18 A&E Staff

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Arts & Entertainment | Apr.27, 2017

Summer Concerts Promise a Treat for Every Taste

  By Ryan Cox `18 A&E Staff   For music junkies, summertime is synonymous with concert season; it seems like artists of all genres come out in full force between May and August to treat their fans and share their…

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Arts & Entertainment | Mar.23, 2017

Stars with Guitars Come Together for Charity

by Ryan Cox ’18 A&E Staff Last Thursday night, the Dunkin’ Donuts Center offered a unique opportunity to country music fans in Southern New England. Sponsored by Cat Country and Dunkin’ Donuts, the venue hosted its second annual “Stars with…

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Arts & Entertainment | Mar.16, 2017

“Blackbox” Leaves Users Puzzled

  By Ryan Cox `18 A&E Staff   You are presented with only a dark screen and a grid of colored boxes. Tapping on one of the boxes, or “lights” as the game calls them, brings up a sparsely-designed screen.…

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Arts & Entertainment | Mar.02, 2017

Let’s Rant: An Entertainer’s Place in Politics

  By Ryan Cox `18 A&E Staff   We live in a world of constant political opinions. Media outlets are saturated with political rhetoric and analysis, and this often spills over into the various branches of the entertainment industry. While…

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Arts & Entertainment | Feb.09, 2017

Gaga Shines, Soars in Halftime Show

  By Ryan Cox `18 A&E Staff   For many Patriots fans, until the fourth quarter, the only good thing about Super Bowl LI was the halftime show featuring Lady Gaga. For 12 minutes, the 30-year-old, Grammy award-winning pop icon…

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Arts & Entertainment | Feb.02, 2017

Adam Hanna: Gifted and on the Rise

  by Ryan Cox `18 A&E Staff   Call him what you will—“the next big thing,” “Providence College’s newest campus celebrity,” or “rising star”—they all describe the growing career of Adam Hanna ’18, a Lakeville, Massachusettes, native whose music has…

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Arts & Entertainment | Jan.26, 2017

Mac Odom Brings the Funk to McPhail’s

  by Ryan Cox `18 A&E Staff   The Mac Odom Band brought down the house last Saturday night in McPhail’s for four hours, performing a medley of funk, R&B, and soul for the Providence College student body. The locally-based…

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Arts & Entertainment | Jan.19, 2017

Is this Nintendo’s Saving Grace?

  by Ryan Cox `18 A&E Staff   The long-awaited successor of Nintendo’s Wii U, codenamed NX and later named Switch, was formally previewed to the press and public in a live-streamed conference held Jan. 13. The new console boasts…

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Arts & Entertainment | Dec.01, 2016

’Tis the Season: Christmas Album Releases

By Ryan Cox `18 A&E Staff It has become somewhat of a tradition for recording artists to record a Christmas album once they have become established in the music industry. Artists in all genres put their spin on Christmas classics…

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